Italian treats. American sweet.™

American Biscotti Company was founded for one reason: to bring you delicious Italian treats with an American twist.

It all started in Grandma Barb’s kitchen. When she realized she didn’t have one of the ingredients for a biscotti recipe, she made a substitution and the American-style biscotti was born. We decided that her biscotti should be shared with more than just family and friends, so we started American Biscotti Company to bring these treats to you. And we still use Grandma Barb's original recipe.

Great for sharing.
American Biscotti Company products are perfect for gifts and entertaining year-round. They’re ideal for:
  • Bridal showers
  • Wedding favors
  • Baby showers
  • Gift baskets
  • Secretary's Day
  • Corporate events
  • Catered events
  • Luncheons
  • Cocktail parties
  • Christmas parties
White Chocolate Cherry Biscotti
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The perfect little snack for special occasions, or every day. Our biscotti are just right when you need “a little something”. Soft enough to eat alone, or dunk them in your coffee, cappuccino, or tea.

If you’re used to traditional biscotti, which are hard, dry, and only have a hint of flavor, you're in for a sweet treat. Our American-style biscotti are softer, sweeter, and are bursting with flavor.

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I don't even like biscotti, but I positively LOVE these!

— Jennifer P.

From the heart of Siena come these unique delectable treats. After buying some in a bakery in this Tuscan town, we had to bring them to you. We developed our own recipe that is a faithful recreation of these light and sweet almond cookies.

(Gluten-free version available upon request at no additional charge.)
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So addictive they should have a warning label.

— Jane R.

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